There's No Place Like Home

We all need a place to rest our heads, to call our own, to fill with friends and family. Help raise $12,000 to finish the first Habitat for Humanity house in Green River, Utah. Your contribution will make home possible for the Mendoza family. In return, we'd like to give you something to say thank you, so don't forget to check your mailbox.

$2,065 Given

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Epicenter, a community-based housing resource center in the desert of southeast Utah, have partnered with Habitat for Humanity to create homes in Castle Country. This house is the flagship.

The money we raise will provide the house with electricity, plumbing, and insulation. These things, light, water, and warmth, are elements that will help transform this house into a home.

All funds for the house have been won through private and public grants and donations in kind. While the Epicenter have done a brilliant job, sometimes you need a little help from your friends. Afterall, it takes a village to raise a child and even more to make a home.

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Meet the Mendozas

The Mendoza family live and work in Green River, Utah. Adan and his wife Diela live with their 15-year-old son AB and 11-year-old daughter Lezly in a rented, outdated trailer. The Mendozas work hard to keep a tidy, warm home, but roof and window leaks and other structural failures make it clear that the family need durable, efficient housing that Habitat for Humanity and Epicenter can help provide.